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a podcast taking real conversations about mental illness from behind closed doors right out into the open.

Episodes will explore the complexities of mental illness by having candid conversations with people living with a severe mental illness and mental health providers on how mental illness affects all aspects of life including education, employment, housing, relationships and so much more. Let’s Rethink This is bringing you real stories of the challenges of mental illness along with real inspiration to manage the symptoms of mental illness, find belonging and purpose in your community, and gain the confidence to live a healthy, quality life.

Hosted by Abby Berger

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June 14, 2021


I am very excited to be talking with Michelle Schafer, Regional Vice President of Behavioral Health at SSM Health. Michelle oversees the operations of the entire Behavioral Health Service Line at SSM including inpatient and outpatient care for geriatric, adult, adolescent and child populations, emergency services, telemedicine, and medical stabilization. Today we are going to be talking with her specifically about a new service introduced mid 2020, the SSM Behavioral Health Urgent Care located at Depaul Hospital.

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